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2015 - Discord Aged Accounts (Full Access)

💎Format - age:email:pass:token
💎HQ and created in 2015
💎Not flagged and undetected by discord
💎Emails, password etc can be changed
💎Unverified: these accounts are NOT email verified
💎Tokens that you buy from our store go only to you.

💎 These are full access discord accounts meaning you have access to the discord account and the email account. Email password is the same as the token password.

✉️ If you have any questions contact me on discord.





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2015 - Discord Aged Accounts (Full Access) by BuyDiscordMembers has 15 minutes limited warranty.
This warranty, as described by the seller, covers:

This warranty, as described by the seller, covers any type of occasions unless stated otherwise in the Terms of Service.

Unless stated otherwise in the Terms of Service.


As a retailer of digital products, we reserve a right to sell under the guidance of these terms of service. By using our services you automatically agree to these terms and policies. Breaking any rules or terms might result in a ban/blacklist from the store and refusal to further provide our services.

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